Our Story

Welcome to Silent Days Studio. Thank you for stopping by our little site. Pull up a chair and sit a while with us, and let us share our story with you.

An ocean separated Heather and I when we met online in 2012. I lived in Leeds, England, and Heather in Seattle, USA. We met in an online art group where I shared my poetry and Heather her artwork. We soon struck up a mutual love for each other’s art, and regularly encouraged each other within the group. 

It was on Valentine’s Day in 2015 when we finally started an online dialogue outside of the group. We found we had lots in common aside from our love for great art and writing, and over the following months we conversed daily, having online video chats sharing our lives and our passions with each other. It started to become obvious to both of us that we were falling in love. 

Heather visited me in the UK in July 2015 for ten days, and then I visited her in Seattle in October of the same year, where our relationship grew and blossomed. This long distance commuting continued into 2016, and whilst on a three week visit to Seattle over the Christmas and New Year period, we were married.

What followed was a long visa process for my move to Seattle and almost two years apart, aside for a single visit to the UK Heather managed to take in October 2017. Our daily conversations continued, and we managed to collaborate on two of my poetry books, with Heather contributing the artwork. Finally in late September of 2018 I completed my move to Seattle, where we now live together at last.

We have spoken for so long about starting a creative business together, or as Heather puts it, combining our superpowers that it is with great joy that we have finally achieved it. Heather has been a full-time mom for over a decade, and in that time her passion for art has not waned, unlike her time to produce it. It is my hope that now we have this platform to share our creative talents, and we are finally in the same location, she will have the precious time she needs to create her wonderful art.

I myself have been independently self-publishing my books of poetry for over a decade now. My writing life began when I was sixteen years old, and in that twenty plus years since I have had my poems published in the UK and USA in various literary publications, as well as in the seven books I have published to date.

Silent Days Studio was founded to showcase our creative talents to the world. With an independent spirit we hope to create beautiful art that you will enjoy for many years to come. The world is full of noise and we wanted to create a quiet space for ourselves to feed our creative souls on what we love to do and share it with you all.

I have no idea where this journey will take us, but then I could have never have imagined the wonderful things that have happened since Heather came into my life, so I am hopeful the ride will be sweet. 

We both invite you to come along with us as we explore these new adventures; support us by buying our products, sign up to our mailing list so we can tell you when we have new stories to share, or new products for sale, but most of all, enjoy the ride.

Phil and Heather Mellor